New Music Of The Day: Our Girl – ‘No Big Deal’

It’s been a good week for Soph Nathan. Not only did The Big Moon announce details of their debut album, but her other band, Our Girl, just dropped their debut EP – the phenomenal ‘Normally’.

Much like The Big Moon, the trio – completed by Lauren Wilson and Josh Tyler – thrive on crafting gritty, stadium-ready rock while keeping things ticking over melodically. ‘No Big Deal’, for one, packs a Sonic Youth bite with piles of scuzz, though it features some of Nathan’s most hushed and heartfelt vocals. A thundering yet intimate delight.

Talking about the EP, Nathan says: “Lots of the songs are about emotional distance – not knowing what someone else is thinking, and how that can make you feel crazy. It can cloud my judgment to the point that shrugging it off as indifference is the easiest thing to do. Although it still reflects those feelings of self-doubt, ‘Being Around’ is probably the most hopeful song on the EP. It focuses on the positivity in the relationships I have, and the gratitude and care I have towards those people for being who they are, and being there for me in the way they are.”

Our Girl’s ‘Normally’ EP is available now