Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis On Her Solo Album

Speedy Ortiz’s guitarist Sadie Dupuis has just released her first solo record, the fizzing, witty and empowering ‘Slugger’. She explains why now was the right time to strike it out on her own, gender politics in pop and where the band goes from here.

“On the one hand, most of these songs come from voice memo ideas that had been sitting on my phone since 2013, but they were all things that didn’t really fit for Speedy Ortiz. So that had been been building for a while, but the desire to make a solo album was a bit of a last-minute thing. I had some time off in January – a whole month of no shows and nothing to do, and I had impulsively rented out a friend’s tiny bedroom in Philadelphia, so I thought, ‘Why not use this time to do some home recording?”

And you wrote it all in two weeks, right?

“Sort of. The way that I write songs is making a demo on the computer, and a lot of the writing I do happens via recording. So in those two weeks, I was basically making demos – I didn’t think they were going to be the final versions, but I was able to take the shells of these demos, re-do the vocals and add some live drums a little later. So whenever I had some free time for the rest of the year, I was putting in nicer vocals, or better guitars, or mixing and mastering it.”